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Build your brand as a leader in customer service, custom-built sponsorship opportunities tailored to meet your specific corporate and brand objectives.

The UAE Customer Service Week will be the opportunity to assess and benchmark your products and services against the competition to drive continual improvement. This high-level event will be your chance to build your brand as a leader in customer service excellence.

Who will you meet at the 2012 UAE Customer Service Week

Both public and private sector organisations in the Middle East are invited to celebrate the 2012 UAE Customer Service Week. This high-profile summit will be the opportunity for all public and private organisations within the financial, telecom, hospitality, healthcare, retail, tourism, transportation and manufacturing sectors to share their experience in delivering quality customer service and exchange best practices in improving customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty.


UAE Customer Service Week Sponsorship and Partnership Opportunities:


Clear alignment of your brand with customer service excellence, innovation and professionalism as the best in the industry.


Be one of a select group of companies supporting and endorsing industry success, a positive position which may lead to brand preference when businesses chose preferred partners and suppliers.


Benefit from the extensive range of marketing and PR carried out pre, during and post event, all incorporating your brand credentials.


Direct access to established industry leaders and emerging personnel, enabling you to build relationships that lead to future commercial fruition.

Customer Service Week STAR Awards Sponsorship Opportunities

Promote your expertise in customer service by sponsoring STAR Awards categories.

The Customer Service Week STAR Awards program has been developed by The International Customer Service Institute (TICSI) to reward and recognise organisations, government departments and individuals delivering service excellence across the United Arab Emirates. The 11 categories STAR Awards winners will be announced during the 2012 UAE Customer Service Week.

Read more about Customer Service STAR Awards Sponsorship Opportunities

To learn more about tailored sponsorship and partnership opportunities available at the 2012 UAE Customer Service Week and build your brand as a leader in customer service, email or call on +971 4 360 2800.

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