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Create a customer focused culture
An organisation with a customer focused culture promotes the basic value of service quality among employees throughout the length and breadth of the organisation. It makes a conscious attempt to develop and use innovative methods to respond and capture customer needs on a continuous basis. Its product offerings revolve around meeting and exceeding customer requirements.

Listen to your customers
Customer feedback about your organisation’s products and services is as valuable as increasing profits. If organisations are going to improve the service/products provided to customers, it is essential to listen to them.

Engage your employees
An engaged workforce comprises of “people who are willing to do whatever it takes to help the company succeed, including lead, innovate and serve customers” (Gostick & Elton, 2009). Employee engagement plays a major role in raising customer satisfaction level. Research suggests that a fall in customer satisfaction level can be prevented with the help of an engaged workforce (Coco, 2009).

Show customers that you really care
“Getting it right the first time” may not be the only tactic to win and keep customers. Customers need to feel that they are cared for.

Customer service benchmarking
Benchmarking can be defined as a “continuous, systematic process for comparing your own efficiency in terms of productivity, quality and practices with those companies and organisations that represent excellence” (Karlof & Ostblom, 1995). Benchmarking, the latest management buzzword, focuses on borrowing concepts and ideas which already have proven to be successful instead of having to re-invent the wheel time and again. According to Sewell, “if an idea works in one place, you can be pretty certain it will work in another. People are just not that different from one another” (1990).

Measure and continuously improve
Measuring customer satisfaction level and making a constant effort to improve service delivery performance is an essential element of delivering excellent customer service.

Improving your organisation’s performance by implementing a customer-centric strategy

  • It can cost five times more to buy new customers than retain existing ones. Source: TARP
  • 68% of customer defection takes place because customers feel poorly treated. Source: TARP
  • 95% of complaining customers will do business with you again if you resolve the complaint instantly.
    Source: Lee Resource Inc

Customer service represents a key differentiator in today’s highly competitive market environment. With rising and ever-changing customer expectations, continuous monitoring of customer needs is critical for your organisation to remain competitive and deliver on your customers' expectations. An emphasis on customer service is therefore a critical factor to ensure your organisation’s success and competitiveness.

Why you need to attend 2012 UAE Customer Service Week

  • Enhance your organisation's performance and competitiveness by improving customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty through efficient service delivery
  • Understand your customer needs and expectations by regularly measuring and monitoring your organisational performance
  • Raise your service standards by developing and implementing a customer-centric strategy in your organisation
  • Increase quality of service by enhancing employee engagement and empowerment through continuous learning and coaching
  • Efficiently allocate resources by identifying your organisation's customer service strengths and weaknesses and the necessary areas for improvement
  • Benchmark and share your expertise to promote customer service excellence across the Middle East

Bank Benchmark Index (BBI) Awards

With multiple changes in the banking environment, which bank has it all figured out? The 2012 Bank Benchmark Index Awards were created to reward the banks which value customer service and strive towards service excellence. The BBI has matured into one of the UAE’s most anticipated reports in the industry and with the recent changes in the banking environment, several challenges are bound to present itself. Which bank set itself apart from the rest? Be there to find out!

There will be 8 awards this year:

  • Best Bank-Overall Performance
  • Best Bank- Branch Performance
  • Best Bank- Call Centre Performance
  • Best Bank- Website Performance
  • Best Islamic Bank
  • Best International Bank
  • Most Improved Bank
  • Most Highly Recommended Bank

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starawards STAR Awards will be held in conjunction with the 2012 UAE Customer Service Week and all winners will be announced during the conference. STAR Awards are for both private and public organisations, and are adjudicated by The International Customer Service Institute (TICSI).

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    His Highness Lt. Gen. Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan
    Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Interior
    United Arab Emirates

  • Dr-Wafa_Dubai-The-Model-Centre

    Dr. Wafa’ Abu Snaineh
    Dubai Model Advisor, Dubai’ the Model Centre – The Executive Council
    Government of Dubai

  • Maj-Gen-Dr-Abdul-Guddus

    Major General Dr Abdul Quddus Abdul Razak Obaidli
    Director of the General Administration of TQM
    Dubai Police

  • Philip-Forrest_TICSI

    Philip Forrest
    The International Customer Service Institute

  • Robert-Keay_Ethos-Consultancy

    Robert Keay
    Managing Director
    Ethos Consultancy

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