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The UAE Customer Service Week 2012 is running at the same time as the customer service week celebrate in the UK, US, Australia and Canada. The ultimate aim is to use the event to drive an annual Customer Service Week in the UAE is to help building a customer service community in the country and promote customer service excellence across the region.

The 4 days event will cover the key drivers needed to enhance the customer experience in the region and allow attendees to benchmark a variety of sectors (banking, finance, healthcare, retail, government, hospitality, utilities, airports, telecom, tourism) both regionally and internationally.

Why you need to attend UAE Customer Service Week 2012

  • Improve your organisation performance and competitiveness by improving customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty through efficient service delivery
  • Better understand your customer needs and expectations by regularly measuring and monitoring your organisational performance
  • Raise your service standards by developing and implementing a customer-centric strategy in your organisation
  • Increase quality of service by enhancing employee engagement and empowerment through continuous learning and coaching
  • Efficiently allocate resources by identifying your organisation's customer service strengths and weaknesses and the necessary areas for improvement
  • Benchmark and share your expertise to promote customer service excellence across the Middle East

What others are saying:

With economical disruption fundamentally altering business reality, organisations and businesses are moving towards a new economic landscape. And as this new fiscal and commercial reality emerges, the UAE must re-examine conventional wisdom about how to succeed. Customer and citizen-centered service quality has never been more fundamental. By positioning excellence in customer service as a competitive differentiator and sustained value driver, businesses can intensify the customer experience, reinforce ongoing customer loyalty and maintain healthy profitable growth. Customer Service Week is about bringing challenging topics to the surface and discussing them. We’ve lined up local and international thought-leaders to present at the Customer Service Week Conference and hold workshops. An abundance of customer service orientated fun activities and educational events will take place across Abu Dhabi and Dubai throughout these four days. This will be a learning experience for all who get involved and a constructive step towards the improvement of customer service standards across the UAE as a whole.
Robert M. Keay, Managing Director, Ethos Consultancy
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